This was my personal pet project. Designs came from our product creatives, but almost all of the code was decided on by me.  We went with AngularJS v1 so that we could incorporate as much existing code from our current checkout system as possible. When Zerve unexpectedly shut down in Summer 2016, the project was frozen as is and never completed. Although at this point almost the entire "client activities" page you see below was finished.
I spent about 6 weeks initiating the project on my own, and then involving other developers on my team. The project required a couple custom directives for user interaction. Used as many prototyping tools as we could.
* AngularJS
* Sass Styling
* HeadJS
* LoDash
* Neat (from
(Code available upon request)
These are screenshots of the desktop and mobile layouts at the end of working on the project. Everything is dynamic, and all the content relies upon an internal API.
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