The local meetup organization Boston Young Creatives was started by me to better facilitate the communication between creative departments and across industries and now has over 1400 members signed up.
Created after having frustrating experiences communicating across departments at my office. The eventual goal was to collect enough active members to enable conferences and educational events to happen. As well as define a common language for more effective cross-disciplinary collaboration.
From the BYC Meetup Page:
Whether or not you just graduated school or are new to Boston, we all know how difficult it can be your first few years as a professional. Let's use this group to bridge that knowledge gap, the experience gap, and the networking gap.
I'm talking ALLLLLLLL kinds of creatives: writers, artists, bloggers, designers, developers, programmers, entrepreneurs, builders, doers, movers, shakers.
Use this group to create meetups where we: network, create new companies, develop old companies & products, have fun, drink beer, share knowledge, introduce new cool things, and just plain ol' make new friends!
The more experienced folk are here to support the younger folk, so everyone chat and get to know each other. Let's try to meet up every other week or so for different reasons, and make the most of being young in this great city.
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