Eric Avary - Senior Software Engineer and Front End Developer
I've worked with Corey over the last year and a half at Zerve and have always appreciated his sharp instincts and his attention to detail. He would often go above and beyond in his duty, such as implementing a very useful customized task runner for the Front End devs to use. He writes very clean, concise code and contributes well to team efforts. During pre-planning phase Corey could always be relied on to consider relevant options and recommendations for how we might want to approach requirements. Naturally, debate would sometimes ensue as happens on dev teams -- Corey was always thoughtful, considerate, and gracious; key attitudes that lead to productive collaboration and, at the end of the day, better product. When tasked with more solo projects, Corey did them with aplomb, reaching out to work with Product Managers as needed to ensure an excellent outcome. I would be happy to work with Corey again in the future.
Ed Prout - IT Consultant at TIAA-CREF
Corey is a Software Engineer you want on your team. Corey not only oozes elegance in the UI's he creates, but also has the chops to write the code behind the scenes to make everything work. Corey is easy to deal with, has a "can do" attitude and a level of professionalism that is refreshing to see in this line of business. Corey Zev Holland is going places, if you have the opportunity to work with him you will not regret it.
Anton de Winter - Software Engineer at LevelUp
Corey Zev is a skilled artist with a flair for interface design. He excels at working with team members to gather the necessary requirements and then executing on them. He is responsive to any changes that need to be made as the design process continues and implements them accordingly.

Corey is also a very quick and self guided learner. He was able to train himself on more advanced aspects of Javascript and Backbone.js with minimal guidance. With this training he was able to demonstrate his skills by authoring some internally used tools and template generation software.

I would recommend Corey as a highly driven candidate who is passionate about his work and works well with others.
Steve Burr - Product Marketing at
Corey did an excellent job as both a designer and coder at nSphere. He contributed to a wide range of product lines: everything from mobile versions of our pages, corporate sites for several of our businesses, templates for our partners, and mockups / advertising campaigns for marketing. He is the kind of person that will not leave until the job is finished and never missed a deadline.
Justin Cambria - Director of Clinical Outreach at O'Connor Professional Group
During our brief overlap at PullnotPush, I collaborated with Corey on a business card redesign, and from that project, I learned that he has very solid design skills and works well in teams with a lot of moving parts. I also got to know him a bit and realized that he is deeply passionate about design, and it is always nice to work with folks like that.
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